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We will facilitate the renovations of your home so it can sell for top dollar. No charge until your home sells!*

137 HOMES SOLD IN 2018

In challenging markets it is important for your home to stand out, newly renovated homes offer an ease of purchase for potential home buyers.

Team Zubor & Associates, with their strategic builder partners, have made it cost effective and easy for our clients to renovate their homes so they can sell fast and for the best price. Call now (604) 492-5050.

Why does this work?
With the introduction of the mortgage stress test and tougher lending requirements it is hard for buyers to have any cash left over for post purchase renovations, so more and more buyers are looking for move-in ready homes with renovations completed. In turn the home that is the easiest to purchase are the ones that sell the fastest and for the most amount of money.

How does this work?
Team Zubor & Associates have negotiated contracts with multiple builders and contractors to allow the float of all renovation costs (approved by the seller and listing agent) for up to six months after the renovations are complete or until the sale of the property (whichever comes first). This allows sellers to renovate their homes and not have to pay until their property sells (or six months) freeing up cash flow and taking advantage of the benefits of selling a renovated home.

How much does this cost?
This program is designed to help sell homes faster and for the most amount of money, because of that we recommend keeping the construction costs to a minimum and maximizing parts of the home that we know help sell for example:

  • Flooring (getting rid of dated carpet and laminate)
  • Painting, neutral colours help sell
  • Kitchen cabinet doors and countertops
  • Dated bathroom tubs and sinks
  • Lighting

These are not the only things that we look at changing but these are the most common renovations after purchasing a home, we recommend a budget of between $10,000-$30,000 however there are many variables that could effect the total cost.

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If this sounds of interest to you, set up a no cost consultation today and let’s get your home SOLD!

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*The seller is obligated to pay all costs associated with the renovations including but not limited to contractor, permits, building material etc. there will be no interest charged on the renovations until the property is sold or 6 months after the completion of the renovations whichever comes sooner or whatever is stated in contract between the seller and contractor. The renovations contract is solely between the seller and the contractor. Team Zubor & Associates and Stonehaus Realty are merely introducing the two parties and bear no obligation to either parties both financially or legally. This communication is not intended to cause or induce breach of an existing agency agreement.